*~Laura and Carson~*
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The vid page! I don't see a lot of vids for this ship but I'd love to see more...even if we only have a few things to scrounge off.

Vids by HyperCaz

Love Duet
The duet of a relationship, including their touching moments and the moments in between. Beckett/Cadman vid. Some clips are dodgy, but the vid has a nice feel.

Size: 7mb
Length: 1:57 minutes
Music: Now We Are Free by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerarrd
Clips: 2x04, 2x13, Paul McGillion DVD Profile

Right click, save as or view at youtube

Sail Away
The many 'ships in the city of Atlantis. Fluff ship vid - Sheppard/Teyla, McKay/Weir, Beckett/Cadman and Beckett/Chair

Size: 6.60mb
Length: 3:49 minutes
Music: Sail Away by Enya
Clips: Season 1 + up to 2x13

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Vids by Nebulan
Can You Feel the Love?
Multiship vid focusing on 6 ships, with one minivid of Beckett/Cadman.
Size: 15mb and 27mb
Length: 6:11 minutes
Music: Beyond the Sea by Robbie Williams, Because of You by Kelly Clarkson, C'est La Vie by B*Witched, Fur Elise by DJ Mystik, These Things I'll Never Say by Avril Lavigne, Magic Carpet by Steppenwolf, Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John, Lion King score by Hans Zimmer
Ride Clips: All seasons