*~Laura and Carson~*
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Welcome to the fan run website dedicated toStargate Atlantis' cutest and, so far, only canon 'ship. I'm working to have a range of graphics, vids and fanfics dedicated to Carson Beckett and Laura Cadman made by various fans of the 'ship.
Suggestions and additions are greatly appreciated and I would love to have more people visit and contribute to this website. I want this to be a consolidation of various Beckett/Cadman stuff that I have encountered at LJ and Gateworld.
Fanart, fanfiction and caps belong to those who created them so if you post, make sure you credit the right person.
NO HOTLINKING - literally hotlinking does not work with tripod systems.
"The Return Part 1", "Sunday" and even cancellation are merely road bumps in a grand design!!

This website is currently under refurbishment so I apologise for the strangeness you may encounter. :D

SGA 2x04 - Duet