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A listing of the fics I have come across. All ratings and all genres.

Fics by Alex Took
Some Questions Are Difficult To Ask (G, humour)
The lovable little scottish doctor wants to ask Laura Cadman on a date, but is harder than it seems. All day long he stalls, and then...falls?


Fics by Andromeda_25
Widow's Walk (G, general)
Carson has a history of off-world missions gone terribly wrong, and he's not the only one who's noticed. Spoilers Michael and Inferno.
Fics by AndromedaMarine
Death and an Accent (PG, hurt/comfort)
I’m slammed against the wall from the force of the explosion. I see darkness on the edges of my eyes and now I can’t see anything – ah, the peaceful call of oblivion.
Just a Sunset (G, tragedy/friendship)
Just a sunset had been his revelation, and just a sunset would tell him what to do next.
The Last Time (PG, hurt/comfort)
A little known fact and one that isn’t widely preached is that there is also a last time for everything.
Fics by Angel of Fire SG1
Broken Circles (PG-13, adventure/angst)
The city was gone, destroyed, leaving behind only the people who'd once stood and fought for their new home. SheppardWeir, RononTeyla


Fics by Ann3
Aftermath (PG-13, drama angst)
Following on from Misbegotten, and the nightmare for Carson goes on.

By Its Cover  (PG, general)
This is going to be a series of stories covering the team's 'first impressions' of a certain Scottish doctor. Beckett/Cadman at chapter 6.
Dr Beckett and Mr Hyde (PG, humour)
Laura's about to find out that doctors really do make lousy patients!
L and C (PG-13, general/humour)
A bit of privacy for our favourite lovebirds ? Not with a certain matchmaking Colonel around !
Semper Fi (PG-13, romance/general)
Carson and Laura's relationship takes a lifechanging turn.
Twice Blessed (PG-13, romance/family)
In this sequel to Semper Fi, Carson and Laura couldn't be happier. Or could they ?
The Greater Good (PG-13, drama/angst)
In this sequel to Twice Blessed, Carson and Laura's happiness is about to be shattered.
Becketts And Bairns (PG, general/family)
Following on from Twice Blessed, the fun and games for Carson, Laura and the kids continue!
Taken On Trust (PG-13, drama/angst)
Beckett's greatest strength can also be his greatest weakness.
The Beckett List (PG, humour)
A little missing scene from Duet, this was just an idea I had for what compelled Laura into 'that' kiss.

Fics by Annieohs
You're Reading What? (R, humour)
A romance novel gets passed around Atlantis. Spoilers through Duet. [Moslty Gen with some CadmanBeckett and SheppardWeir]
Fics by Aromene
Laura suggests Santorini. She’s never been to Greece and she says the sunsets are beautiful over the caldera.
Fics by astrum_presul
We Danced Anyway (PG, romance)
What was she doing? Hiding in her room, wallowing in her sorrows because her boyfriend had stood her up? How old was she?

Fics by AZ_Anneliese
Beauty Incomparable (G, general)
Carson gives Laura a compliment. 
Breaking the Cycle (PG-13, general)
Carson finally finds a way to bring Laura to terms with his profession and the dangers she doesn’t think should be a part of it.

The Conscientiousness of Wilting Flowers (PG-13, angst)
Laura helps Carson cope with what Michael did to him. Misbegotten spoilers.
Cookies and More (PG-13, romance)
Laura finds out it's Carson's birthday and leaves him a present that ends up benefitting both of them.
Dawn of Infirmity (PG-13, humour)
Laura tries to avoid Carson after a mission because she is sick.
Freckles (PG-13, romance)
An ordinary trip to the mainland turns out to become quite memorable for Laura.
Getting to Know You (G, humour)
Laura and Carson talk about kids.
How About a Nice Game of Poker? (PG-13, humour)
Laura gets frustrated with Carson during a game of ‘Truth or Dare’ until she asks him a question and gets surprising results.
It Happened One Night at a Harvest Festival (PG-13, humour/romance)
Laura and Carson break a ceremonial urn and suffer the consequences.
Meaningless Day (PG, general)
Laura decides it's time to tell Carson about her Independence Day.
Nearsighted (PG-13, humour)
Carson awakes to quite a fright and a hilarious misunderstanding ensues.
Operation Identify Kisser (PG, humour)
Setting the record straight with who did the kissing in Duet.
Pegasus Brew (PG-13, humour)
Laura is allergic to something on PR4-661 and needs some detox a la Carson.
Petals and Poetry (PG-13, romance)
Carson and Laura’s first hallmark holiday comes.
Laura has something to tell Carson.
A Question of Morals (PG, angst)
Michael wasn't the only issue Carson had trouble getting over after 'Misbegotten'. Laura tries to help Carson deal with John's decision.
Secret (PG, romance)
Carson's thoughts on Laura.
Segue to Dreamland (PG-13, romance)
Carson visits Laura at bedtime.
Sensory Memory (PG-13, romance)
Laura’s feeling lonely without Carson on a free day.
Sittin’ and Waitin’ (PG, romance/general)
Carson is late coming back to Atlantis.
Subject #4: Carson Beckett (G, humour)
Fourth in the ‘Girls Poker Night’ series. About Carson.
Sweet Returns (PG-13, romance)
Laura comes home after a long day off world and gets a sweet surprise after cleaning up.
Unexpected Initiative (G, general)
Laura runs into Carson in the hall.

Untitled (PG, character study)
Inspired by the quote "The killing was the best part. It was the dying I could not stand." - Craig Volk
Vanquishing Insequrities (PG-13, romance)
Laura lets slip a question that has been nagging at her.

Fics by Becketts_Lass
Fingertips (PG-13, angst)
When Carson's gone, Laura waits for him, but what happens when Carson may not come back?
Fics by BiteMeTechie
First Name Basis (PG-13, romance/humour)
Two staff members have been calling each other by their last names for long enough...
If (PG-13, angst/tragedy)
Of all the questions in the world, Laura Cadman's least favorite is 'What if'
Fics by captdeb
Til Death Do Us Part (PG-13, angst)
Beckett, Cadman, love and loss in the Pegasus Galaxy.
Fics by chasingkerouac
A Good Day (G, romance/humour)
"Relax Carson," Laura replied lightly. "I have this totally under control."
Bedside Manner (G, general)
"You were attacked," Carson answered, gently tightening his hold on her other hand. "What's the last thing you remember?"
Bedtime Stories (G, family)
"Alright," Carson answered after a moment of thought. "I'm going to tell Rupert a new story. A new fairy story, but afterwards," he said, tilting his head to look down at the little girl snuggled in his arm, "Rupert has to promise to go to sleep. Will he do that? Alright... Once upon a time, there was a great kingdom in the sea..." 
Buddies (Pg-13, humour)
"So you're like... buddies?" Carson supplied to Laura with a smug little grin. - A Sateda tag. 
Chesapeake Ladies (G, romance)
It's 1890 in Annapolis and Laura Cadman is faced with a devastating decision to follow her heart or save her family...
Chevaliers - Man of Hope (PG, general)
Laura speaking on Carson.
Gallileo: Aether (G, romance)
"Galileo looked up into the sky and discovered all of these wonders, and here we are, doing the same thing, wondering if that star right there has friendly natives or that one has something like chocolate," Laura said, motioning to a pair of bright stars hovering above the west pier.
Lights (G, christmas)
“Lights,” Laura had commented one night. “The thing I miss the most about this time of year is the lights.”
Night Five (PG-13, romance)
Exploration of a relationship through the five senses.
Orientation Memo (PG, general)
Kate takes it upon herself to send a memo to the incoming female personnel to help them get acquainted with the many interesting men they'll work with at Atlantis. And Laura helps to fill in the gaps.
Plucked (G, romance/humour)
"I feel like a bloody fool."
Process Stories (PG-13, romance)
“Why did we have to write these stupid little things anyway? Who ever heard of a race of people wanting to trade for love stories?”
Red Metal Pegasus Bikini (G, humour)
"I never, ever want to speak about what happened today again." Which Carson knew to mean that Laura wanted to talk about this right now. Tag for 3.03 Irresistable. 
Too Much (G, romance/humour)
"Carson, I love you, but if I have to remind you that I know what I'm doing again, I'm going to throttle you..."
Untitled Beckett/Cadman Drabble (PG, romance)
"What do you mean you have to cancel our date?"
The Willow Song (R, angst)
It wasn't fair, Cadman said. And Lorne agreed... it wasn't fair at all. EpTag: 3.17 Sunday 

Fics by Elinea 

Love Duet (PG-13, romance/drama)
This story is in French. A small romantic one shot for Carson and Laura.

Fics by CountyGal

Sweet Dreams (NC-17, romance/humour)
Laura Cadman can't sleep. The reason for her insomnia and increasing distraction? Doctor Carson Beckett. In her opinion, quite possibly the most attractive and kind hearted man she had ever known!

Fics by CMDragonia
The Start of Something Good (G, general)
Carson reflects on the past few days while Cadman has somethings to explain about Rodney's behavior. Missing scene between Carson and Cadman during Duet, spoilers for Duet.

Fics by Dr_Dredd
Eavesdropping (PG-13, humour)
Colonel Sheppard learns the dangers of eavesdropping in the infirmary.
Folie A Deux (PG, humour)
What went through McKay's and Cadman's minds during Duet?

Fics by Dream Painter
Sharing (PG, humour)
Marcus and Laura are up to something they shouldn't be doing in the infirmary.
Fics by Elizabeth Bartlett
The Ring (G, family)
Carson's tells Emily about her grandmother.
The Meaning of Names (PG, general)
Carson and Laura come up with names for baby Beckett.
Dark Secret (PG-13, drama/angst)
Questions are raised over the paternity of one of Laura's children.

Fics by fififolle
Jist Blethers (PG, humour)
Why don’t they understand him? Carson sometimes thinks he’s more alien than anything in the Pegasus. A bunch of Carson oneshots for fun. Beckett/Cadman at chapters 1 & 5.
Fics by Freelance
Try, Try Again (G, romance/homour)
If, at first, you don't succeed...
Fics by Fyrie
What Men Dare Do (R, general)
Delivering medical provisions and care away from Atlantis, Doctor Beckett finds himself placed in an uncertain situation with only the company of Ronon Dex.

Fics by Gateruner
A Critical Mess (PG, drama/romance)
Something came up, so Laura has to find a way to tell Carson just why she didn't return to Earth on the Daedalus. And she finds herself confiding in last person she'd expect to.
Critical Confrontations (PG-13, drama/romance)
Laura tells Carson why she won't be leaving on the Daedalus and together they confront Elizabeth about their life changing situation. Follow-up to A Critical Mess.
Hunger Strike (NC-17, darkfic)
Laura Cadman is abducted off-world and rescued, but her nightmare has only begun as she starts to remember exactly what happened to her and what evil plans the Wraith have in store for humanity.
Sex and Chocolate (NC-17)
After a girls poker game and hot gossip, Laura still isn't finished scoring for the evening.
SNAFU (PG, drama)
Cadman comes back from an off-world mission to discover how everyone, including Carson acted while in the presence of Lucius. How does she come to terms with that and how does it impact her relationship with Carson?
Fics by Genesis
Dinner and Body Snatching (G, romance)
Laura Cadman is having a long week. Spoilers for Duet.

Fics by Hannah334

Spark A Movie: Titantic (PG-13)
It was supposed to be a maiden voyage for the record books but it had ended in tragedy. Primarily John/Elizabeth, but with some Beckett/Cadman.

Fics by HyperCaz
Allow Me To Demonstrate (PG-13, humour)
Laura questions Carson about the flashing incident. Minor spoiler for Allies.

An Element of Truth (PG, humour)
John has been hearing some wild rumours. Mostly mcweir.
First, Do No Harm (PG, romance/fluff)
Carson wants to brood. Laura won't let him.
Cellular Differences (PG, romance/humour)
Laura can twist Carson around her finger when shopping.
Domestic Blindness (PG, romance/general)
Carson gets a couple of surprises after the events of The Return.
Halloween Capers (PG-13, humour/parody)
Atlantis' Halloween party was never going to be normal. Exploding plant life and a Czech's special concoction saw to that... multiship
The Value of Silence (PG-13, romance/angst)
Slave AU. There is one, with his penetrating blue gaze, that draws her to him.
Fics by icantfollow
Answering Machine (PG, angst)
"Ah, hullo, Laura. It's Carson. Beckett." One message on her answering machine and suddenly Laura Cadman finds herself feeding her ex-boyfriend's turtles while he saves the world from alien invaders in another galaxy. More than turtles wait for her at Carson's apartment, and she finds herself falling in love all over again.
Prescription for Pain (PG, general)
A drabble where exploring Laura's feelings when she's faced with a difficult decision.
Fics by Jersey13
The Emerald Wanderer (PG-13, adventure/suspense)
Colonel Sheppard and his team find a world of seafaring people, only to fall victim to a kidnapping plot that could involve them in a brutal war as they search for their missing teammates.
The SheWolf of Atlantis (PG-13, drama/angst)
Laura Cadman has decided to take Kate Heightmeyer's advice to start keeping a journal. She has a secret that's difficult to hide sometimes, and Carson does his best to help. Read all about it as she writes of her life.
What Have I Done? (PG-13, angst/suspense)
Laura Cadman is hurt on an offworld mission, and is inadvertently infected with an ancient and alien illness that's driving her mad. Can Carson, Rodney, and John save her, and save the city, before it's too late?

Fics by Kajikia
Strength and Honor Are Her Clothing (R, action/adventure)
"We don't leave a woman behind, either, ma'am." Small bit of Beckett/Cadman.
Fics by katethegater
Brief Encounters Part deux (PG, humour/romance)
Another ficlet about the goings on in the Atlantis laundromat.Humour with some romance. ShepWeir, RonanTeyla, only slight Beckett/Cadman

Fics by Kyffin
A New Perspective (PG, romance/angst)
Carson has a change of perspective.

Fics by Lady Valmar
Attack of the Birdy (G, humour)
A peaceful day on Atlantis and our favorite couple 'Carson and Laura' are out on the balcony eating a midmorning breakfast. Then a bird shows up and ruins their breakfast. Not to be taken seriously!

Fics by Lamichelle
A Scottish Wedding (G, romance)
Carson and Laura get married.
Phone Tag (PG, humour/romance)
When it comes to dating at Langford University, the campus rumor mill isn't the only problem. From the Langford University AU community.
Pleasant Company (PG, romance)
Carson Beckett hates missing his mid-day meal. From the Wild West Atlantis AU Community.

Fics by LE McMurray
In Sickness And In Hell (PG, general)
Someone once said that hell is other people, they were wrong.

Fics by Maribou413
Dr. Beckett's Magical Cure For All What Ails You (NC-17)
A vague sense of unease washed over Carson as he listened to his girlfriend shift under the covers. Something was up, but what he wasn't sure.
Fics by maribouquet
The Bee's Knees (PG-13, humour)
"What are those?" Ronon wanted to know. With imagined Teyla/Ronon
Fics by Marianne H. Stillie
Who Heals The Healer? (PG, angst/romance)
Sometimes a relationship isn't really over.

Fics by McRaider
Saving Grace (PG, general/drama)
They're more than just best friends, they're brothers...what if John and Rodney were brothers by adoption. McWeir, Sheyla, Beckett/Cadman.

Fics by Mksmithie
The Seduction of Carson Beckett (NC-17)
Tag for Duet. Pure fluffy romantic stuff.

Fics by Nelowl
Misconceptions (PG-13, action/adventure/mystery)
Colonel Sheppard and his team bring back strangers who claim to be Athosians. But are these people all that they seem?

Fics by Orithain and Rina
The Clothes Make the Man (NC-17)
Mostly McShep, but good B/C bit. Designer Rodney McKay loses a model shortly before the launch of his next collection, and guess who he sees working on a construction site right outside his windows?

Fics by Orphic_Iris
Simplicity (PG, romance)
"First day of vacation every year, I would run around outside all day long. Inevitably, I'd end up looking like a lobster when the day was done."

Fics by Port of Seas
The Star Game (G, angst)
Laura Cadman grieves for what is lost, but she is never alone.

Fics by Portho1013
Those Darn Alien Spores (PG-13, humour)
Alien spores made them do it...or did they? BeckettCadman, McWeir

Fics by Psalm 136
Series of Ten (PG, romance/hurt/comfort)
Ten drabbles about several different people in Atlantis, all at different times. Most are shippy. Done as an iPod challenge. Sparky, Spanky, McBrown, Laura/Carson
With and Without You (PG, romance/fluff)
All Laura ever needed was Carson, and all she needed to remind her of that was a starry night on a beach. LauraCarson fluff!
Fics by Recognizer

Dessert Night (NC-17)
Laura wins a jar of chocolate at Ladies' Poker Night. What will she decide to do with it?
Fics by RowenaR
Where it all began (PG, romance/friendship)
So Laura Cadman listened to Major Lorne and made her way back to Atlantis. The questions is: What will Carson say to all of this? Beckett/Cadman, with Lorne/Cadman-friendship thrown into the mix. Spoilers from The Kindred onwards.
Out of Reach (PG, angst)
Laura Cadman's life isn't just the same anymore, ever since Carson Beckett died. And now she also feels like she's on the road to insanity.
Fics by Sam Carter 1013
A sunday on Earth (PG, romance/angst)
Everyone kept staring at her.

Fics by Scrunchy
This Time (PG, romance)
"You shouldn't play favorites," Cadman blinked against the harsh lights and tried to sit up. ... "The other patients will get jealous."
Fics by Siri Tachi
Apex (NC-17)
Reading Harlequin books can fill your head with all sorts of silliness...
Demands (NC-17)
Carson likes to watch.
Entranced (NC-17)
Carson is infected with a vampiric virus and succumbs to the lure of human flesh.

Fics by Siriaeve
The Lysistrata Project (R, humour)
"Doctor Weir, I do believe that there is something we could do which would help save Atlantis’ reputation as a trustworthy and dependable ally. It is a technique which my grandmother and her predecessors sometimes had recourse to, and I believe it always worked well."

Fics by Sparky Army
Year of the Spark: May 26 (PG, humour/ friendship)
Laura Cadman is angry, Rodney has insight, Lorne is hungry, Carson is scared, and John and Elizabeth are oblivious. Sparky, Laura/Carson.
Fics by Spazzula
Spatial Perception (PG, romance)
"The first time I met Carson Beckett, I was wearing a blood pressure cuff and had a thermometer sticking out of my mouth..."
Fics by Stargatecrazy
Dream Girl (PG, humour)
John describes his dream girl but he's not telling the whole truth! slight Beckett/Cadman
Fics by stargazr41
The Games We Play (PG, humour)
Carson and John take on Laura and Teyla in a friendly game of pool. Friendly, yeah right.

Fics by Susan
Lost But Not Little Boys (NC-17)
McKay is tramatized by the AU events of "The Lost Boys." As a result of his N/C, he must reconsider who he is and wants to be. Also very explicit Beckett/Cadman.

Fics by Tielan
Interlude, with Astrophysicist (PG, humour)
Rodney's in a panic. Carson gets to comfort him. It's been a long day. [spoilers for The Long Goodbye] Mentions of sheyla, beckett/cadman at the end.

Fics by TovraK
Slow and Steady (PG, romance)
Earthfic set post The Return Pt2
Fics by Truthlostmsr
Comfort (PG, romance)
Even Carson could use a little comfort once in a while.
Fics by vickysg1
Sedge's Adventures in Atlantis: A little prank (G, humour)
It's time for a little prank. Part 5 of the story.
Fics by Wayside
Day And Night (PG, romance)
If he has to pinpoint the foundation of their relationship on something, it would be her ability to make him smile.

Fics by Wicked Words
Separate Salt From Sand (PG, angst)
Kate never liked this aspect of her job.

Fics by ZebraBlonde
Baby Blue (PG-13, general)
Second in a series. Baby McKay is born. SheppardTeyla, McKayWeir, BeckettCadman.
Baby Mine (PG, romance)
Sequel to 'Baby Blue'. Carson ponders over life, love and his child.
Lost a Lover (PG-13, angst)
Carson and Cadman are injured in a cave in.
Three Months (PG-13, romance/angst)
“Carson, what’s wrong?” “I’ve got the test results. There not good, love.” Laura Cadman has three months to live.
Fics by the Beckett/Cadman LJ community
Several Beckett/Cadman fics, all linked by the last and first words.